Daily Life's Diatribe of Delicious Disaster

The Latenight Dealer
17 December
I want nothing from you, and everything as well.
I am a lover and a fighter.
I'm afraid of being alone, and of being with someone.
I am a creature of the night, and I thrive on the bright sun.
I am bold, yet I am shy.
I have great desires, and they tend to be out of my reach.
I am a geek and I am athletic.
I give out my trust easily, but am wary that you'll abuse it.
I don't let on to be very sensitive, but you could make me cry.
I push myself forwards, and drag myself down.
I want to be in control, but am willing to lose control.
I want to give myself totally to someone, and keep my independance.
I am naive, yet I am jaded.
I'll wear my heart on my sleave, but not let you see it.

I am everything that I've shown you, and the just opposite of that.

"The amount of business you will do on any given day is inversely proportional to the amount you prepare for it."

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